Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Adds Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Adds Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT newest DLC character revealed as Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII with a new trailer.

Square Enix released a new trailer today for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, revealing Snow Villiers as a new DLC character.

Snow will be appearing in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with his Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII design and abilities, and still voiced by Kensho Ono. Snow will be using a wide array of long range and close range attacks, thanks to his mastery of ice and his demonic-like arm. Snow is described as a “heavy” type character, and his EX skill is Chaos Geyser, the same attack he uses during his boss fight in Lightning Returns. His original white costume from Final Fantasy XIII is also included.

Square Enix announced Snow through a live stream. A video explaining all of his moves was also published.

The previous DLC characters were Yuna from Final Fantasy X and Kam’lanaut from Final Fantasy XI, also known as the best and superior MMORPG of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PlayStation 4 is the latest game of the Dissidia series, 3D fighting games starring Final Fantasy characters. The series started with Dissidia Final Fantasy on PlayStation Portable in 2008, a game which also celebrated the Final Fantasy franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Moreover, in Japan, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT also has an arcade version simply titled Dissidia Final Fantasy like the original PSP game. The arcade version usually gets the updates a bit earlier, and this is the case here as well. Snow Villiers will be added on January 30 in the arcade version, while console players will have to wait until February 2019. The actual release date for the DLC will be published by Square Enix at a later date.

You can watch Snow’s trailer and his moves explanation video below. You can also check our PlayStation 4 Pro review of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to learn more about the game. You can buy Final Fantasy Dissidia NT on Amazon.

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