DiveKick Makes Its PS3 and PS Vita Debut in August

on July 13, 2013 2:18 PM

What’s better than fighting games? How about competitive parody fighting games? The popular Kickstarter project which had to be canceled after it was announced that developer Iron Galaxy Studios had agreed to co-develop and release the game will be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 20th, Iron Galaxy Studios announced yesterday via Twitter.


The downloadable two-button fighter, will cost $9.99 and support Sony’s Cross-Buy feature, which means players can purchase Divekick on one PlayStation platform, then download for both.

Divekick is a send up of fighting games and their players, with a roster of 13 characters that both poke fun at and serve as homage to popular games (Marvel vs. Capcom 3Street Fighter 4) and community figures (Seth “S-Kill” Killian, Mark “Markman” Julio, Alex Jebailey).

A Windows PC version of Divekick is also in development and up for voting at Steam Greenlight.

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