Divine Souls Brings Combo-Based Combat To The MMORPG Genre

May 30, 2013

Divine Souls aims to do one thing: combine the awesome combo-based combat of your favorite console games, found in games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Devil May Cry, and God of War, with all of the complexity found in most MMORPGs, to make for one fantastic, multi-faceted, action-oriented game.

Divine Souls wants to give players a large world to explore, a world influenced much by the steampunk genre, but also full of fantasy, machinery, demons, and more. But instead of just clicking away at enemies over and over, Divine Souls will push players to actively engage their enemies with all of the fast-paced energy of a fighting game, giving the player active abilities, buffs, dodging and more, along with a robust moveset. Victory is supposed to come from your skill with a controller (which is preferred over a keyboard for this game), not from how well you point and click.

Divine Souls will have all of the other usual features of MMORPGs, including guilds, an auction system, ranked and unranked pvp, and more, to go with all of the action. Check out the introductory trailer below for a closer look at the game, the Steam Greenlight page for a ton of videos and screenshots, and the Divine Souls website for more details. Divine Souls is set to release in beta form on Desura tomorrow on May 31st.


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