Divinity II Expands in August

By Chad Awkerman

March 5, 2010

Today dtp entertainment announced that the gritty RPG Divinity II would be getting an expansion later this year.  That expansion is sub-titled Flames of Vengeance, and will add a lot to the already content-filled original game.  I can’t say the original title impressed me that much, but if you happen to like it, you might be looking forward to some new stuff to do.  Hit the jump for the details we know and some new screen shots.Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance will add more than 30 new quests to the game, which will total around 15 hours of game play.  If you’ve played the game already, you’ll know there is probably 60 or more hours on the original disc, so this just adds to the game’s value.  The expansion will also update the game world with a completely revamped graphic engine.  This will hopefully smooth out many of the rough edges the original title had.  I’m not too sure if that updated engine is for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions or not, but the expansion will be available for both.

The release date so far looks to be August 2010, with no price point established.  But hey, if you’re  a fan of the game I’m sure it will be a reasonable price to continue to explore the world of Rivellon.  Below are the first screens available for some of the expansion content and upgrades.

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