Divinity II Soundtrack Trailer Released, Demo and Preorder Details Announced

Divinity II seems to get more and more interesting with every trailer they put out. This time, it’s showing off the original score for the game done by neo-classical composer Kirill Pokrovsky, most well-known for his work on the previous games in the Divinity series. It definitely fits the mood the game seems to have. It also features an elf-thing that looks a lot like Robert Patrick, which is a definite plus. Atlus USA also dated the release of the demo, which will be this upcoming Tuesday, the 22nd. And they have also revealed the preorder bonuses for the game, consisting of a hardcover, 52 page, full color art book and the 21-track original soundtrack, all at no extra cost. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I must say. Get ready to get your Robert Patrick-elf on on the game’s release on April 12th, 360 only.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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