Divinity Original Sin 2’s Into the Abyss Mod Adds Real-Time Strategy

Divinity Original Sin 2’s Into the Abyss Mod Adds Real-Time Strategy

Modders surprise the community again by adding a new campaign complete with a completely different playstyle in Divinity Original Sin 2.

Divinity Original Sin 2 greatly expands upon the original’s feeling of freedom by allowing a vast amount of options in gameplay. It can be played single-player, or multiplayer, and it even features a very intuitive build-your-own campaign mode where one player acts as a dungeon master of sorts while leading the rest of the party.

Larian studios also released Divinity Original Sin 2 with modding tools, which fans have definitely taken advantage of with a new mod called Into the Abyss. According to its ModDB page, the project introduces a brand new campaign set in a different land than the packaged campaign. Extensive mods like this, while very impressive, are nothing new, especially when looking at games like Skyrim. But Into the Abyss also features new gameplay mechanics, in that it changes Divinity Original Sin 2 from a turn-based tactics game into a real-time strategy game where players can lead their faction against others.

The description of the mods reads:

“Divinity: Into The Abyss s a new campaign for Divinity: Original Sin 2, it will take the player to a whole new land, add some new systems to the game, improved and customized AI and above all a new R.T.S.(Real Time Strategy) mode where the player gets to create a faction and lead it across the new and some old maps.

The new world and the events bound to happen there interact and are based upon the events of D:OS2 and the player choices, as the campaign unfolds you will get to decide the fate of Rivellon as Damian, the dark one returns and lays war upon the realm.

Concurrently a new terror seems to approach from the great beyond, a terror so colossal, even The God King and the Divine tremble with its approach, will this be the age of dead gods, will new gods arise? Find out for yourself …”

Not only is this a new unofficial campaign, but it uses Larion’s campaign and player choices made in it to continue the story in a new direction. Most story mods are completely detached from a game’s main tale, so this new addition could be quite interesting.

The features in Into the Abyss are as follows:

  • New world with 70km²
  • R.T.S. system
  • Building and Crafting systems
  • Manage your own faction
  • Unique companions
  • Large-scale battles
  • Vehicles
  • An epic main Storyline with hundreds of side quests
  • A family system
  • Raise a pet
  • Deep choices that affect the world as it develops

The release date of this mod has yet to be announced, but the alpha should be coming very soon, according to the mod’s page, stating much of the background work has been completed. Dinivity Original Sin 2 has been very successful, selling a million copies by November after being released in September.