Divinity: Original Sin 2 Surpasses One Million in Funding, Racial Skills Unlocked

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Surpasses One Million in Funding, Racial Skills Unlocked

Divinity Original Sin 2 surpassed the one million mark in funding, meaning that racial skills have now been unlocked.

Racial skills are a way to substantially differential between the various races. Choosing between a human or lizard, for instance, will not be a simple aesthetic choice.

Such a decision will come with a range of skills, talents, and abilities that will reflect each race’s background, strengths and place in the world. The history of your chosen race will now directly affect how you fight, converse and move through Rivellon, as well as how you deal with NPCs and friends.

The latest update gives us an in-depth look at Lizards and some of the possible skill sets they could have. We learn that the race formed the world’s oldest empire and culture.

It is also said that Lizards are descendants of dragons, with dragon blood running through their veins. This belief has led to an obsession with blood purity in all aspects of their society.

There is also a list of possible skill sets (including amusing flavor text) that Lizards could have access to, with the dev team being open to suggestion from backers:

    1. Health Regeneration (Passive)
      Bask in the sun and recharge those battle-damaged batteries.
    2. Resist Poison (Passive)
      Not only a lizard’s speech is riddled with acid, its blood is too. Good luck trying to knock one out with something as crude as cyanide.
    3. 10% chance to fall asleep when chilled (Passive)
      Cold-bloods get sleepy in low temperatures. We see it happen at Larian all the time…
    4. Automatically hastened when warm/hot (Passive)
      Hand them a cup of coffee on the other hand…
    5. +1 Intelligence Bonus (Passive)
      No Larian tie-in here, but them lizards though! They’re *real* smart!
    6. Poor Dark Vision (Passive)
      Lizards are children of the sun. Take them into subterranean locales and they’ll walk from stalagmite into stalactite. Don’t laugh out loud though, or the cave dwellers will hear you coming!
    7. Produce Poison (Active)
      As in: the ability to fill an empty flask with poison.
    8. Tip for the rest of the party: look away. It’s only courteous.
    9. Dragon Breath (Source Power)
      It’s not only a popular lizard dish, it’s a skill too. The result? Instant barbecue! So still a dish.
    10. Dragon Wings (Source Power)
      Gives you ethereal dragon wings for 5 turns. With these wings you can levitate above surfaces, you’re resistant to fire, you receive a massive speed boost, and you can move over small obstacles.
    11. The only downside? We have to write smitten bird romances.
    12. I Am Dragon (Source Power)
      Grow in size and take on a dragon-like appearance for 3 turns. You are massively more powerful. As for the rest, they had better just run.
    13. Carrion Eater (Er… Body Power?)
      Because why should maggots always get dibs?

Currently the campaign is at $1,179,303 with 26 days to go. If you’re interested in contributing, go here.