Divinity: Original Sin 3 Potentially Being Teased on Developer Website

Larian Studios is seemingly teasing that Divinity: Original Sin 3 or Divinity 3 could soon be announced.

By Logan Moore

May 30, 2019

Out of nowhere today, Larian Studios, the developer behind the critically acclaimed RPG series Divinity, posted a new teaser on its website that seems to indicate a third installment could be arriving soon.

When visiting the developer’s website right now, you’ll immediately be greeted with a stylized version of the Roman numeral “III” and nothing else. There is no message, video, or additional sound effects to accompany this logo, but it seems pretty straightforward and in all likelihood indicates that Divinity: Original Sin III is coming.

However, it is worth noting that before the Original Sin series took off, there were two previous installments in the mainline Divinity series. As such, there’s a possibility that Larian Studios could be returning to this original series rather than the Original Sin games that they have made in the past few years, instead. Either way, a third installment in either of these throughlines within the larger Divinity franchise seems to be coming.

Obviously, there are still a lot of questions to be had about this tease, most notably, when we could officially hear more about just what is being shown here. Considering we’re in the midst of E3 season though, it seems as though more information could be divulged at any point. With the Los Angeles-based convention set to kick off in a little more than a week, there’s a fair chance that we’ll learn more about just what is being teased here at the show. Until that time, we’ll keep you updated on any further developments that might transpire.

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