Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game Launches on Kickstarter

Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game has already flown past its initial Kickstarter goal and the co-op adventure game isn't slowing down.

Larian Studios might be busy with the ongoing development of the upcoming Baldur’s Gate III; however, the team is not letting the Divinity Original Sin IP rest. They’ve teamed with the Canadien based Lynnvander Studios to bring a board game version of the popular RPG to Kickstarter. In under a day, Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game has blown past its initial funding goal. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game is a fully cooperative experience for 1-4 players. The game uses Lynnvander’s “Chronicle System” to allow your choices in each game to impact future playthroughs. You will play as one of four Origin characters, with two of them being brand-new, official additions to the Divinity universe. And, of course, as more stretch goals are unlocked, even more playable characters will be added to the game.

Combat looks very similar to the video game series. You’ll be using items and skills to fight off monsters while making sure to pay attention to various elemental interactions. The most interesting part of the whole system is undoubtedly the “Chronicle System”. Basically, each copy of Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game comes with a one-time use code. You’ll redeem it on Lynnvander Studios’ site once you finish the game. Then, you’ll input your group’s choices and Lynnvander will collect the community’s choices. From there, they will use them to build future expansions for the game.

Giving you a chance to impact future expansions is a really neat idea. Of course, if your choice doesn’t match the community’s consensus, it won’t be a perfect match. That said, it definitely makes this a project worth paying attention to. If they can make it even half as cool as it sounds in my head, Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game is going to be an excellent example of just how innovative board games can be.

Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game will be available on Kickstarter for 29 more days. The base version of the game will run you a hefty $120. That said, it’ll bring a ton of cardboard to your table. You can also purchase two higher tier options that include boss miniatures, metal dice, upgraded leather bags, and more.

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