Divinity: Original Sin Lands on Kickstarter

Divinity: Original Sin Lands on Kickstarter

We have been talking quite a bit about Divinity: Original Sin, that will continue Larian Studios’ Divinity saga later this year, but while the developers feel that they already have a very good RPG in their hands, they want to add more to it before it ships, and that requires a budget increase.

And what better way to increase the game’s budget than Kickstarter?

Today Larian opened a new Kickstarter project requesting a minimum of $400,000 from the fans, and things have been going pretty well, with 515 backers pledging $23,957 in less than three hours.

You can check it out here, and make your pledge if you so wish. The game looks definitely quite great and the editor seems very powerful, so what are you waiting for?

You can also check a video below, starring Swen Vincke (Larian Studios Founder and Creative Director) as he shows the current build of the game off and explains the breadth of the project.