Divinity: Original Sin Reaches 650K Goal, New Update With Traits and Talents System

on April 23, 2013 2:54 PM

In the latest update, the combined effort of the Kickstarter and Paypal funds for Divinity: Original Sin lead to Larian Studios reaching their Stretch 2 Goal of $650,000, ensuring the implementation of the Traits and Talents gameplay system and adding more depth to the character customization.

The update uses the Curiosity trait and Sixth Sense talent to break down the various ways the system could  affect gameplay. From what I gleaned, some traits will serve as prerequisites for certain talents that can be obtained later in the game. Also, certain talents can compensate for lower stats in certain areas (for example the Lockpicking talent can make up for a low dexterity). Most importantly, traits and talents allow the player access to special areas or items, like how Sixth Sense revealed a completely hidden buried treasure or how having one point toward Curiosity gave the player an extra hint to help locate a treasure chest key.

Last, but not least, the update announced a new stretch goal: $700,000 pledged gives the series composer, Kirill Pokrovsky, his own live orchestra to record Original Sin‘s music with. There’s still time–if you want to make a pledge yourself, go here.

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