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DualShockers had the opportunity to get some hands on time with DJ Hero. While strolling around the mall I came across the GameStop and Xbox 360 DJ Hero Demo Day, so I decided to get my Grandmaster Flash on. At first my thoughts were that this would be pretty difficult to pick up so I put the game on Easy and decided to see what I had, the notes came down in a similar fashion to other rhythm games, but there is a bit of a difference as the notes are limited to three.

There is a red, green and blue button on the turntable that coincides to the notes on the screen and you can play these without moving the turntable. The turntable only comes into play on certain notes that you can consider similar to the “whammy” notes of Guitar Hero, these are longer notes where you scratch while holding down the corresponding color. I stumbled through my first song on Easy, but was determined to get this down. So my buddy bumped it up to Medium and I watched him play and we quickly figured things out. On Medium you not only have to scratch and play the three notes but also handle the fader. The fader lets you switch between records or you can keep the fader in the central position to hear both records. To hear the left record you slide the fader to the left. To switch to the right record, slide the fader to the right. Sounds simple enough but mixing that with some scratching and more notes does get challenging and quite fun.

One thing that surprised me was the limited activity that the turntable actually gets, you don’t scratch as much I thought you would. I was also a bit surprised that after only three times playing the game I got through a set of songs on Hard with 66% accuracy, which does not sound good, but I can remember the first time I played guitar Hero there was no way I could step up to Hard so quickly. DJ Hero is also not geared to smaller children as the 9 year old kids that stepped up to the game were having difficulties figuring out what to do and were more interested in just scratching with the turntable.

DJ Hero puts a fun an innovative style of play out to the masses, but I think that the game will be geared for a much smaller niche of gamers that won’t reach as many people as Guitar Hero or Rock Band did. DJ Hero will be great for fans of hip hop like myself, but I doubt that it will have the lasting power or reach of the other rhythm titles. I can see opportunities to try and get other gamers interested by making different editions, i.e. Beastie Boys or DJ Oakenfold, this may pull more than just hip hop fans. Overall the title was a lot of fun to play and I can see how the possibilities of adding a second turntable could become interesting and make this even more fun, although controller the fader might be very difficult.

We will keep you posted once we get the full title and review this one for you.

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