DJ Hero Price Drop!

on February 10, 2010 4:09 PM

DJ Hero has been lowered from 119.99 to 99.99 (this includes the turntable and the disc copy of the game).  This is definitely something for music-game fans as well as possibly fans of music production/mixing to take note of.  For a hundred dollars you will get the hardware needed allowing you to scratch over 102 individual songs in over 93 exclusive mixes.  The styles of music you can expect to find are varied and include pop, hip-hop, rock, electronica, R&B, Motown, and did we mention hip-hop?  For anyone who ever dreamed of being a DJ but never really went through with it, now you can try it without people saying ‘You Suck!’!  DJ Hero also supports online or local battles for ramped fun factor and replay value!  For those of you still living in last-gen you can pick this up for 79.99!  You thrifty renegades!

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