DMC Developer Not Concerned with Sales

on May 7, 2012 9:30 PM

Devil May Cry is certainly one of the most beloved action series in the history of gaming but it hasn’t been selling amazingly. That’s according to Capcom, who have found series sales so lackluster that they’ve decided to scrap much of what series fans are familiar with for a whole new game entirely, for Ninja Theory’s DMC. So, you’d guess that Ninja Theory would be very concerned with how well their reboot sold, right?

Wrong. Designer┬áTameem Antoniades has gone on record saying that, personally, he couldn’t care if the game sold “a thousand units or two million units”.

He believes that creating a game for a specific demographic isn’t a good idea because that demographic rarely actually exists, and that the most severe “creative crimes” are committed when this approach is taken to development. I personally can agree with this, but it doesn’t really ring true when you look at the series like Call of Duty that consistently sell millions of copies while changing very little between each iteration. Those developers are targeting a certain demographic and it’s bringing them great success.

I don’t know but I’m guessing and hoping that this creative freedom will actually end up benefiting the game as a whole, sales as well as quality. If not, well, at least Ninja Theory would be happy.

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