DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante Roots for the Little Guy

on March 2, 2012 5:30 PM

We just got a bit of new info on the upcoming DmC Devil May Cry from Capcom and we’ve learned a few things about the new incarnation of Dante. It’s hinted that although our hero knows he isn’t human, he’s not aware of his demonic heritage. But he’s still the son of Sparda, as in the original series. We’re also told that this version of Dante grew up bouncing between orphanages, foster homes and youth correctional facilities.

It seems the lack of true authoritative figures in his life has made the kid a bit of a rebel — and I say “kid” because, as in much of what we’ve seen so far, this Dante sure seems young. It also appears he’s been hunted by demons for much of his life and feels compassion for those he says are victims of an “unfair society.”

In addition to the dirty details on Dante, we’ve also received a bit of backstory regarding the aesthetic of his trusty weapons, the Rebellion blade and Ebony and Ivory, the demon-hunter’s twin pistols. If you’ll remember the former iterations of these weapons, they didn’t really look much different than any other gun or sword.

This time around, the team at Capcom has taken care to craft models for all three armaments that fit with the new game’s style. The guns’ barrels look sleek and formidable while the grips have a sort of curvature to them that sets them apart from other firearms. Rebellion’s design calls on a similar aesthetic, featuring a hilt similar to that of the two guns. Although Capcom has gone out of its way to mention that Sparda gave Dante the sword and that the twin firearms’ origins are unknown, these designs couldn’t have been an accident.

Of course, my words can’t do these weapons justice, so we’ve got a gallery of screenshots and official art for you.

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