DMC HD Collection Listed and Priced at Spanish Gaming Store

June 17, 2011

If a collection of HD remakes of the first three Devil May Cry games really is in development, then it has to be the worst kept secret of all time. However, despite the rampant rumors and whispers that the collection is in the works and will be releasing this year, we haven’t heard a single official word from the horse’s mouth. Furthermore, Capcom’s refusal to even dispel the rumors only implicates them more. In other unofficial DMC HD news, a Spanish video game retailer has listed a Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection exclusively for the PS3 and they have also priced it: a full $60.


I think that we can surmise, based on the price points of other HD remakes, that this price is ludicrous. That’s if we’re going to assume that this listing is even legit, which I’ll personally have to because so many other clues already suggest that the collection is real. None of this is from Capcom and so it should be treated as a rumor, but to those who’ve been waiting for this for a quite a while, this is just another step towards an official reveal.

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