Do Not Fall Arrives On PSN Tomorrow

Do Not Fall Arrives On PSN Tomorrow

We’ve all played games, I’m sure, which task you with making it from point A to point B while every tile you step on collapses and falls. According to XPEC Entertainment Inc.’s creative lead, Farl Lee, Do Not Fall is a new IP which takes that idea, and turns it into a competitive multiplayer game with multiple modes, a story, and challenges to play:

Originally, we wanted to create a game that allows four players to play together. A disappearing floor is a common gameplay design in action platform games, but what would it be like with four people playing together at the same time? We could already imagine the fun and laughter when picturing friends trying to push each other off the floor or set each other up while looking out for themselves.

Besides this core idea, we thought about adding different objectives in the game, which later on became different multiplayer modes. In soccer mode, for example, players compete to kick goals, block each other’s shots, step on the floor to let the ball drop, or find other ways to distract opponents and prevent them from scoring.

Later on, we expanded the core idea to a single player campaign. In single-player mode, the core idea of a crumbling floor remained, and we added different types of traps and obstacles. In addition, we added the ability to dash and jump. With all these elements, we created an entertaining game to challenge player’s skills, reflex, and strategy.

Do Not Fall is set to release tomorrow on the PSN; for a closer look at the game, check out the screenshots below.

Source: PlayStation Blog