DOA: Dimensions has Only One New Boss?

Tecmo Koei released a batch of videos today showing off the bosses in the upcoming fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions. While they do showcase some dazzling combos and abilities, longtime series fans may not be so impressed. Out of the bunch of videos, I only spotted one new boss and he’s been confirmed since the game’s reveal: Raidou. Other than that, everybody else is old news. Tengu, the big demon with the long nose, was the boss of Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore.

The ancient samurai demon is Genra and he was the boss of Dead or Alive 3. Finally, Alpha is the powerful Kasumi clone and the final boss of Dead or Alive 4. I went on this tangent because I played all those games and fought those bosses already, making them rehashed. However, in perspective, Raidou is plenty since all the other games only featured one boss. The others are just an added bonus. The bosses are also reportedly playable. This is an additional demerit if you’re part of the “I don’t care about it because it’s on 3DS” camp. Dead or Alive: Dimensions will be available next week on May 24th. Hit the source for the vids.


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