The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Brings FMV Mystery to Steam May 19th

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Brings FMV Mystery to Steam May 19th

D’Avekki Studios have announced a release date for their murder mystery game, The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker (TIMODD). Following the success of similar games such as Her Story and The Bunker, this FMV adventure is ready to take you into a number of intimate psychiatry sessions. It will come out on May 19th on Steam for $8.99 USD.

The story concerns a newly deceased Doctor Dekker and his stable of not so stable patients. A murderer is selected at random at the beginning of each game making the case that much more difficult. As you delve deeper into different neuroses and psychoses, the Lovecraftian themes will become that much more apparent.

You’ll have free range to ask your patients what ever you wish. Obviously there’s certain questions that will yield no useful responses; Luckily, many of the characters have over 40 ways to say ‘I don’t know’ to keep things fresh. And in a neat twist, they can put you on the symbolic couch and ask you questions of their own.

Other features include:

  • FMV! – 1600+ full screen HD video responses
  • FREE TEXT INPUT – Ask whatever you want
  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS – Find out whodunit, and what happens to you and your patients…
  • MULTIPLE STORIES – 6 main suspects and 5 side-quests inc. John Guilor (Contradiction)
  • RANDOM MURDERER – Chosen at the start of the game to combat spoilers
  • SIMPLE UI – View evidence, make notes, watch replays, see your question history
  • ACHIEVEMENTS – Steam achievements and a dynamic descriptive rating system
  • WARNING – This game contains mature themes and psychological horror

The British studio was able to put together the game on a shoe-string budget (under $3700 USD) and put it together in a year. While the acting is a little hit or miss, the premise and effort put into the game is impressive.

Doctor Dekker is waiting for you to solve his murder TIMODD on May 19th to track down the killer? You can search the trailer for clues below: