Doctor Strange 2 Ending Explained - What Does Strange's Third Eye Mean?

Doctor Strange 2 is now available to watch in theatres.

May 6, 2022

Marvel Studios finally released the much-awaited Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie in the theatres. The movie gave us everything we expected, and there were so many shocking moments throughout the film. While most characters or universes may not play a big part in the MCU, there’s one thing that is definitely staying, which is Strange’s third eye.

Wanda takes a dark turn in Doctor Strange 2 and kills off so many people just to get his kids back. The possession of the Darkhold corrupts Wanda’s mind, and she does everything in her power to get America Chavez’s powers. Stephen, on the other hand, learns that the Book of Vishanti is real. This mystical book can grant a sorcerer every power he wants, so that seems like the only way for Strange to defeat Wanda.

Strange does get close to the book, but things don’t go as Strange predicted, and Wanda destroys the pages of the Book of Vishanti. But as expected, Strange does find a workaround. He gets his hands on another universe’s Darkhold after defeating an evil version of himself in a musical (sort of) battle. Even with Darkhold, Strange couldn’t get back to his own universe, where Wanda is absorbing Chavez’s powers. So, he decides to play Wanda’s strategy by Dreamwalking, and he possesses the dead Strage’s corpse to stop the Scarlet Witch.

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America Chavez Finally Learns to Control Her Powers

Even with the help of the Souls of the Damned, Strange couldn’t defeat the Scarlet Witch. So, Stephen does what no other version of him could do, and he makes America Chavez control her powers. Finally, Chavez fights Wanda without giving up, and she gives Wanda precisely what she wants all along. She takes Scarlet Witch to the universe where her children are still alive.

There, Wanda realizes that she, in fact, has become a murderer, and her own children are afraid of her. Finally, Wanda gives up and accepts her own reality, but she also destroys Darkhold in every universe to make sure no one else gets corrupted by its power ever. But little did she know that there was one person who was already affected by its power, who is our beloved Doctor Strange.

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Doctor Strange’s Third Eye Explained

In the movie, we see the Sinister Strange flexing the third eye, making us believe that it is associated with evil. However, that isn’t the case in Marvel Comics, and the extra eye is a manifestation of the Eye of Agamotto. The Third Eye doesn’t make anyone evil; instead, it only gives some more powers to its user. For instance, the user can use the third eye to reveal the truth, rewatch every past event, and weaken any mystical entity.

Apparently, we’ve seen the Eye of Agamotto previously in the MCU, as it was created to contain the Time Stone. However, Thanos crushed it in the Infinity Wars while fighting Strange. Then, we see the Eye of Agamotto back in No Way Home, but without the Time Stone. Doctor Strange got the third eye after using the Sinister Strange’s Darkhold, and while the evil Strange might have used the eye for the wrong reasons, Dr. Strange will use it to bring down the evil.

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