Doctor Strange 2: What is the Eye of Agamotto Without the Time Stone?

Doctor Strange is wearing a stone-less Eye of Agamotto in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

By Jo Craig

August 31, 2021

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Stephen Strange may not be the most lovable character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – due to the relentless narcissism exhibited in Scott Derrickson’s 2016 feature. By the time Avengers: Endgame rolled around, however, Doctor Strange seemed to have earned the loyalty of his comrades, the union between himself and the Cloak of Levitation, and the power that accompanied the Eye of Agamotto, just in time to continue his arc in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We’ve known that Doctor Strange was going to be an integral part of Jon Watts’ conclusive chapter to Tom Holland’s Spidey trilogy, but the trailer shows the sorcerer wearing a familiar amulet without the driving crux of its power: the Time Stone. We explore the magic behind the Eye of Agamotto and why the relic does not rely on the energy of the Time Stone alone.

SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home | Official Teaser Trailer

SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home | Official Teaser Trailer

The Eye of Agamotto

Created by Agamotto, the first Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, the relic is first introduced in the MCU at Kamar-Taj within Doctor Strange, revealed to be containing the Time Stone. The Eye was passed down between sorcerers for thousands of years and Doctor Strange used the time-altering powers of the Infinity Stone to defeat Kaecillius and Dormammu. However, Strange removed the stone from the relic prior to Thanos’ Battle of Titan, later returned to the Ancient One by Steve Rogers.

But with the Time Stone removed from the Eye, does the relic carry any power without it?

Yes, the Eye of Agamotto is one of three mystical Eyes created by Agamotto in the comics, accompanying the Eye of Power and the Eye of Prescience. First appearing in the Strange Tales series from the 1960s, the Eye has nothing to do with the Infinity Stone outside of the MCU. Alternatively called the Eye of Truth or the All-Seeing Eye of Infinity, the relic allows the sorcerer to see through all lies and disguises. The Eye also uses its “all-revealing light” illusion to banish evil, including humans who dabble in Dark Arts.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

During the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, Doctor Strange can be seen standing on top of a moving train, racing through some sort of canyon. Strange is noticeably wearing the Eye of Agamotto, however, most fans know that it cannot contain the Time Stone due to No Way Home’s linear place in the timeline after Avengers: Endgame.

Some theories have alluded to the events of Endgame taking place in a separate timeline to No Way Home, explaining the return of the Time Stone to the Eye. Others have screamed “Mephisto!” at Doctor Strange, claiming that this variant is an imposter posing as the sorcerer. However, could Strange still be wearing the Eye of Agamotto to use its original comic book purpose to expose certain characters in No Way Home? Or will this power be kept as a grand reveal for Doctor Strange 2?

Spider-Man: No Way Home will release in theaters on December 17th and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will release in theaters on March 25, 2022.

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