Does a Fall Release Date for Bioshock Infinite Push GTAV Out of 2012?

By Joel Taveras

March 1, 2012

Or will it be the summer of Rockstar? For some reason I highly doubt it’s the latter. The thing is, Take Two Interactive has Max Payne 3 releasing in May and now BioShock Infinite (under 2K Games) releasing in October. Do you really think they’ll sandwich a game like the monster-sized Grand Theft Auto V between those two?

Looking at it from a business perspective, marketing for most games is usually six month campaigns leading up to the title’s launch. That’s when you start seeing more assets, trailers, and developer diaries.  With GTA V, we’ve had one reveal trailer and an FAQ. That’s it.

How about taking into account the marketing? Launching in the fall is no joke, and Take Two knows that. Although, Bioshock Infinite is not your average game in terms of anticipation, it still won’t sell if people (that don’t read gaming sites) don’t know about it.  Between Max Payne in late spring and Infinite in the fall, Take Two is going to be opening the war chest. Big time.

Finally you can look at it from a Rockstar Games historical perspective. With Grand Theft Auto IV, we had a reveal trailer showing off Liberty City and after that things went silent for a bit. The game ended up not releasing for over a year after that. The developer knows a thing or two about marketing, and uses these reveals to simply plant a seed that says “hey guess what, this thing is coming out” and it just so happens to be enough to make people lose it.

Now that we finally have a Bioshock Infinite release date set in stone, I don’t think it’s too much of a reach to think that we shouldn’t be expecting Grand Theft Auto V any time in this calendar year. Damn you Ken Levine and Irrational Games, how do you make me sad and happy all in the same breath?

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