Does an Exploding Wii Remote Count as "Immersive Gameplay"?

By Eder Campuzano

December 14, 2011

Good news: If your Wii remote explodes because you loaded it with lithium batteries — apparently the manual tells you to avoid this — Nintendo’s got your back. They won’t send you a replacement if that’s what you’re thinking. But the Big N will sell you a replacement remote at a “discounted price.” Earlier this week a Michigan family arrived home to see their living room was filled with smoke. The culprit was the aforementioned Wii remote sporting lithium batteries.

Missy Fuson, the mother of this Wii-owning clan, says she doesn’t blame Nintendo for the mishap.

“I feel responsible as a mom,” she said. “I need to tell other parents that during Christmas, we need to be reading all the manuals for every toy and make sure that we fully understand what we’re putting in our children’s hands because the consequences could be deadly.”

Either that or you could end up in a ten-second piece on the local news.

So make sure you check those battery labels before loading them into your Wii remotes (Oh, and read the device manual, I guess.) You probably don’t have anything to fear, though: Most consumer rechargeable batteries are a Nickel Metal Hydride blend, which is perfectly safe to use. At least they haven’t exploded in any of my devices in the six years I’ve used them.

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Now who’s proud of me for refraining from using the word “asplode”?


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