Does Max Die in Stranger Things Season 4?

Max is one of many targets of Vecna.

May 27, 2022

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 was recently released on Netflix, and we can say that the latest season has been full of surprises. The first few episodes focused on Eleven transitioning from a monster to a superhero. Along with that, we also find out about Max’s guilt that has been eating her from the inside. What’s worse is that Vecna is using that same guilt to possess Max, which makes fans wonder if the character eventually dies at the hands of this evil entity.

In the first episode itself, we see Vecna brutally killing off Chrissy after getting her consciousness to the Upside Down. Later in the show, Max learns that the symptoms of Vecna’s possession start showing up a week before a victim’s death. Well, Max has already been experiencing those symptoms, and she also starts seeing Vecna in her visions. So, it was clear that the demon was coming for her, but fortunately, Max had the support of her friends to fight off this situation.

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Max’s Friends Help Her Survive Against Vecna

If you’re worried about Max’s fate in the latest season of Stranger Things, don’t worry too much because she doesn’t die in Volume 1. However, before her awful experience with Vecna, Max gradually starts accepting her fate, and she writes letters to say goodbye to every person she loves. In the end, she sits by Billy’s grave and reads the letter to her stepbrother. Meanwhile, Nancy and Robin visit Victor Creel to figure out how exactly he survived Vecna’s possession all those years back.

Through their conversation with Victor, Nancy and Robin learn that music is the key to reaching someone when they are under Vecna’s possession. By this time, Max is already in the air, entirely under Vecna’s grasp. Apparently, it’s the same scene that we saw in Season 4’s official trailer, which made us wonder if Max gets superpowers in the latest season.

Anyway, the Hawkins gang doesn’t give up on Max that easily. Lucas finds Max’s favorite song and plays that song for her, which surprisingly opens up a path for Max’s consciousness to escape Vecna’s territory. The demonic entity does everything in his power to stop Max, but she eventually gets out alive and well.

So, unlike other targets of Vecna, Max does survive the whole ordeal. In fact, Max gets back to her usual self after this terrifying and death-defying experience.

After Billy’s death, Max always blamed herself for not being able to save her brother. The constant guilt made her run away from people she cares about, including Lucas. However, when Vecna was trying to kill her, Max thought about all the beautiful moments with Eleven, Mike, Lucas, and every other member of the gang. Well, that made Max realize that she does, in fact, have more than enough reasons to fight for her life.

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