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Does Monster Hunter Rise PC Have Crossplay & Cross-saves?

Crossplay and cross-saves have become a must for many gamers!

January 10, 2022

With the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise on PC right around the corner, there’s only one question on the minds of players, will it support crossplay and cross-saves between platforms?

When you take into account that Monster Hunter Rise was first released for the Nintendo Switch back in March of 2021, cross-saves are vital as players picking up the game on Steam will be forced to completely start fresh if the feature is not implemented.

Crossplay is another important feature for gamers as not everyone has a high-end PC that will be able to run Monster Hunter Rise, so having the ability to play with friends on the Nintendo Switch is another important element that fans have been asking for.

So, did Capcom listen to fans and implement these two features for the PC release of Monster Hunter Rise?

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Monster Hunter Rise | Steam / PC Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise | Steam / PC Trailer

What Is Crossplay & Cross-save?

Crossplay allows users to play with their friends on different platforms. For example, one user may own a copy of Call of Duty on PC, whilst a friend plays on PlayStation 5. Enabling crossplay allows the two users to play together even though they are on separate platforms.

As for cross-saves, this allows users to carry over their saved data from one platform to another. This is usually accomplished by linking your account to the game and logging into the account on a separate platform.

Does Monster Hunter Rise PC Have Crossplay & Cross-save?

Unfortunately, the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise does not support crossplay or cross-saves from the Nintendo Switch.

This information comes courtesy of a developer blog post on the Steam Community Hub, in the post it was stated that “[Monster Hunter Rise] does not support cross-platform play or cross-saves with the Nintendo Switch version”.

This doesn’t mean that crossplay and cross-saves won’t be implemented in the future, but at the time of writing, the two features are not available.

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