Does Sex Sell In Video Games?

December 23, 2009

There are certain subjects, genres, criteria, that make us think about which games to buy. It is a common process of elimination. If you are more of a slasher game fan rather than a sports nut, of course the slasher games would be more of a priority. Over the years there has been an underground genre, an idea thrown into some games that , if it was not there in the first place, no one would have ever dreamed to get that game. This genre or idea, is sex.

“Oh Brendan, you shouldn’t be talking about sex”. Come on, as we all can tell, sex sells, and it is everywhere, on billboards, in magazines, and on the internet. If you had not noticed, my fellow gamers, it’s also in our video games. There are two types of games of this nature, one that involves sexual scenes, and one that is actually about sex. Think back, as you remember all the games that involve a man’s favorite past time.

Remember Leisure Suit Larry? Even way back in its 16 bit form, if I can recall, was a game totally about Larry trying to have sex. Simple, yet pleasing, especially when it was you trying to find him a suitable partner. You completed your goal, and now you get the reward to watch him in action. Oh glory days! And there was not just one Leisure Suit Larry game, there were eight in total. There would have been more, but some were canceled. Eight titles, and with that came a supportive fan base for those adult gamers. Even the last one, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust for the XBOX 360 was a horrible game, and yet people still bought it because of loyalty, word of mouth, and of course, what it pertains to.

We can move on to other games, like Tomb Raider. Most of you already know where I am heading with this, but let me enlighten the uneducated. First in order to sell this heroine game, the developers could not make Lara Croft look ugly. She had to look like what everyone dreamed of her to be, brown hair in a ponytail, tight shirt, short shorts, nice legs, and of course, huge breasts, especially those of an adventurer. Do they not get in the way? Anyway, being it was a good game, with all those physical features people bought it, because it had her involved, wearing those outfits, and doing manly things, like climb, jump, and shoot. Where am I going with this. Fans thought that Lara Croft was so hot, they created Nuderaider. I am going to tell you I really enjoyed that one. What better way to play a game with a hot character than to play with that hot character nude. Everyone wanted this patch. I believe with this game, lots of little boys discovered something they thought was only used for number one.

Later when XBOX was created, The Guy Game came to be. For adults, that was a great trivia game, especially when you win you get to see breasts. Who wouldn’t want that as a reward? That’s all it was: trivia, gambling, and seeing women have their “ladies” bounce around. Best part about it was that the game sold, especially a game of that caliber. It was no Modern Warfare 2, but of that specialty, it was huge.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

What I gave you was list of games that actually involved sex, and that was all it was meant to be, except Tomb Raider. There are other games out there that involve a real game, a real storyline, and real playtime, but has sexual tendencies that will still make people drop. For example, the first God of War had a little mini game where you had sex with two wenches on the boat. If you pressed the buttons accordingly, the ladies (including yourself) get a little “surprise.” I can keep playing that mini game all day thinking that something new will happen if I keep continuing. My last two on my list are Bayonetta and Dante’s Inferno.

Bayonetta, who is a hot heroine, sells herself really. She wears a very tight laced outfit, long black hair, and fights with huge heels on. Who doesn’t want to see her in action. To put the icing on the cake, when she uses her finishing move, she becomes nude, showing everything but her butt and breasts to give a devastating blow to her enemies. If she showed her body to everyone that would have been a devastating blow in itself. After the demo I, and I know many others, will be buying this game. First because it is a good slasher game, and secondly because she sold me. The other demo that I played, Dante’s Inferno, shows a woman with one breast showing the whole time she is on screen. Yes, like I am going to look away.

This is the point that I am trying to make; is it necessary to bring sexual tendencies to a game to bring up its sales? Besides the actual sex games, real games should be good without sex. I could have liked God of War without the boat scene. Bayonetta could be a little uglier, and maybe not have a nude finishing move, if it would be a good slasher game when it comes out. But developers do not see it that way. They want to hit all demographics and psycho-graphics. Art is a big subject nowadays, with the new technology we have to use at our fingertips to show beauty in its fullest detail. I would not disagree that it should be put into games. To sell me a game with a breast hanging out, come on. That’s a little too much.

Overall sex does sell in gaming. It brings loyalty, sparks interest when there were none, and it brings word of mouth to the table. People told others how hot this character is or there is a cheat code to see a character do that. Remember, Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball; we did not play that game because we love Volleyball. We wanted to see our favorite game fighters play nude. To sell us a game just for that, everyone wins. We may be pigs to some of you, but look how many of us get games because of this and how many did not even realize it consciously.

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