Does The Quarry Have Multiplayer or Co-Op? Online Release Date Confirmed

Multiplayer will arrive at a later date!

June 10, 2022

From the creators of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology comes a brand new interactive horror experience. The Quarry launched on Friday, June 10, with a fascinating single-player experience, but fans are eager to know if the game does, or will ever have, online multiplayer.

The Quarry stars some of the biggest names in horror, with Scream star David Arquette, Aliens star Lance Henriksen and more featuring. But what if you want to team up with a friend and play through the story together? Well, the developers have given fans an update on the status of online multiplayer.


Does The Quarry Have Online Multiplayer?

At the time of writing this article, The Quarry does not have online multiplayer. However, it does currently have a local co-op mode and an online multiplayer experience in the works.

Supermassive Games took to Twitter prior to the launch of The Quarry and confirmed that the game would have an online multiplayer element, but not at release. In the statement, the developers said that they made the difficult decision to “delay the online multiplayer mode to deliver the best possible experience for you”.

Thankfully, the developers did confirm a release date for The Quarry’s online mode, with a release date of Friday, July 8th, 2022. Players will be prompted to download a free update which will then enable the online multiplayer.

In the meantime, a local co-op mode is available in The Quarry. Players can grab up to seven other friends to join them, with the mode working similarly to Supermassive Games’ previous titles, The Dark Pictures Anthology. Simply select the local co-op option from the main menu, select your characters, and pass the controller to your friends when their character becomes playable.

According to the developers, the online multiplayer will allow your friends’ controller to operate your system throughout the story. But you will still have the chance to input your own choices and impact the way they play.

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