Does this Geoff Keighley Tweet Hint a Date for the 2014 Video Game Awards?

on October 16, 2014 12:40 AM

Love em’ or hate em’ the Video Game Awards are a thing and a popular one at that. Sure the show has had its ups and downs but one thing that can’t really be argued is its visibility as a platform for publishers and developers to showcase their upcoming titles. The show’s executive producer (and sometimes co-host) Geoff Keighley let loose the following cryptic tweet this evening that may hint at a date for this year’s yet-to-be-announced show:

VGA or VGX or whatever they’re called this year I’m sure will pack a ridiculous amount of trailers  and teasers for upcoming titles from all consoles. However, if the show’s history is anything to go by I wouldn’t be surprised if Naughty Dog unveils at least something from the upcoming Uncharted 4, as the previous two titles in the series both made their gameplay teaser debuts at the show. Either way, here’s to hoping that come December 5th we’ll have a bunch of games to get excited about (and one less Joel McHale making awful jokes).

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