Does This Hint at a Final Fantasy XIII Sequel?

People have been speculating that Square Enix may release a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. Not because of its mixed if generally positive reception, but because of its tremendous sales exceeding six million copies worldwide. Say what you want about the multiplatform move, it certainly didn’t dent the games sales.

Anyways, Square recently gave Japanese gamers who have attained ultimate status at their member’s website a charming holiday gift. Because, if you hadn’t figured it out yet, Square loves their Japanese fans more than us. Anyways, the gift is a framed art cell of Lightning, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII. Beside her lovely depiction, a small message from designer Tetsuya Nomura has been scrawled, and it reads:

“She must not be forgotten”

What exactly this means, we cannot be sure. I find it quite odd that the message is in English…perhaps American fans may eventually see this in their mailbox? More importantly, why can’t we forget Lightning? I mean, I played FFXIII and she seemed pretty forgettable to me. Perhaps this is a hint at a new Final Fantasy XIII game. Or maybe, they sent out the gift to keep us from forgetting her? That swag is nice either way. Hit the break for the close up. What do you think?


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Kenneth Richardson

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