Does this Screen from an Early MVC3 Review Reveal Akuma?

Does this Screen from an Early MVC3 Review Reveal Akuma?


In even more MVC3 news, this screenshot has surfaced from a full review of the yet unreleased game and if you’ll turn your attention to it, it features Akuma, another character from the leaked character list we posted last month. I consider myself a Street Fighter fan and I absolutely hate shotos like Akuma and Ryu, but I had already braced myself for this possibility when I first saw the list.

There’s no denying that this screen looks quite legit. When you add this screenshot with the fact that two of the leaked characters were confirmed today, two pieces of information become evident: One, Akuma will probably be in MVC3 and two, the leaked list has had one hundred percent accuracy up until this point, so I’m sure Hsien Ko is in the game now!

On a side note, the reviewer found the game pretty average, giving it a measly 8/10 score, but considering the review has since been snatched from the internet, I wouldn’t put too much stake in it. Not to say that an eight is a bad score, but come on; It’s Marvel 3 and we’ve waited ten years for it so yeah, an eight is underwhelming. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will hit HD consoles on the 15th of next month.