Does What If Episode 9 Have An End-Credit Scene?

Season 1 of What If is finally over.

By Shivam Gulati

October 6, 2021

Episode 9 of What If’s Season 1 is finally available for everyone to watch on Disney Plus. And since it is the final episode, fans want to know if it comes with an end-credit scene.

Marvel Studios’ What If is an animated anthology series that featured nine episodes in its first season. Interestingly, every episode of the show featured a different timeline, unlike any other previous MCU tv show. In Loki’s finale, we saw several timelines branching through reality, and What If explores some of those possibilities.

In the final ‘What If’ episode, we finally saw a different version of Gamora, and honestly, the show ended on a good note. However, fans want to know if Episode 9 offers something interesting after the credits. Well, let’s find out.

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Ask The Question | Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Disney+

Ask The Question | Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Disney+

Is There an End-Credit Scene in What If Episode 9?

Marvel Studios follows a tradition of including at least one end-credit or post-credit scene in every MCU movie. However, Marvel shows on Disney Plus are different, and not every episode of the previous MCU shows featured something after the credits. What If, for instance, didn’t feature any end-credit scene in the first eight episodes.

This time out, thankfully, there is an end credits scene in What If..? It’s no surprise given the formula that Marvel Studios has followed up to this point.


The scene features the duo of Peggy Carter and Black Widow, with Widow showing Carter that she has found the Hydra Stomper and that there is “someone inside”.

The whole episode, end credits scene included, is likely to have big implications on the MCU and certainly spells exciting times ahead!

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