Alicesoft Launches Dohna Dohna Demo, ASMR, OST Sample Videos, New Features Including H Scenes Auto Skip

Alicesoft eroge and upcoming game of the year Dohna Dohna has multiple features that lets you filter eroge content so you can play without the H scenes.

November 17, 2020

As we’re getting closer and closer to the release of Dohna Dohna Isshou ni Warui Koto wo Shiyou on PC on November 27, Alicesoft published a demo for the game. The demo covers the first parts of the game and gives you a pretty straightforward idea of how it works. You can find the demo where the game is up for preorder. If you need more help than that to get the demo, you’re probably not old enough or otaku enough to be playing eroge in the first place. Alicesoft also announced Dohna Dohna went gold on October 22, 2020. Finishing a pretty long journey of development.

Next, Alicesoft through a staff discussion with Dohna Dohna main character designer Imoko Onono, revealed some new fun features in the game. Note that these features are also available in the demo.

In case you haven’t checked our previous coverage, Dohna Dohna basically features various mafia clans fighting for supremacy, and the protagonists, the Nayuta Clan, are revolutionaries who want to destroy and remake their society controlled by corporations. So they want to get funds but by harming society while doing so, and their clan’s main source of revenue is a prostitution ring. Players most notably need to manage their sex workers and hook them up with the right customers depending on their stats. One of the new features introduced is how you can make your own original character. Importing their portrait image and setting up their traits.

Next up, Alicesoft announced there’s an ingame option to hide all NSFW content from the game. This include options like automatically hiding and skipping explicit CG artwork, skipping H scenes with an optional skip confirmation prompt, and muting their sounds. That way you can stream or play Dohna Dohna in public without worry. Eroge often have these options, which defeat the purpose of an eroge, but are still included by the developers. Because they’re very thoughtful people. Moreover, Alicesoft games in particular tend to have really good mechanics and are really good games overall, regardless if you’re into the Ero part of Eroge, or skip and avoid explicit scenes. Meaning this is great for those solely interested by the RPG mechanics and ultra cool 2D animations Dohna Dohna has to offer.

Lastly, the third feature is pretty simple but something that is often missing in eroge and PC doujin games in general: being able to use the mouse wheel. For example, switching between characters in the status screen.

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Coming up next, counting down to release, Alicesoft also published ASMR video for Dohna Dohna. Note that it’s totally safe and healthy ear-licking ASMR.

There will be four videos in total, with one video a week. Three videos are out so far. The first two videos feature Porno voiced by Shizu Azuma. The third video features Kirakira voiced by Shino Amekawa.

One funny thing about ASMR is that similarly to many other things, an amateur scene about it existed in Japanese otaku spheres long before it became a mainstream thing with every streamer doing it. ASMR got DDLC‘ed in a sense. But that’s another story.

Lastly, a BGM sample video was also shared on Twitter. The OST of Dohna Dohna is very colorful much like its artstyle:

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