Alicesoft JRPG Eroge Dohna Dohna Isshou ni Warui Koto wo Shiyou Launches November 27

Dohna Dohna Isshou ni Warui Koto wo Shiyou, new Alicesoft JRPG, has a good chance of being the GOATY like cool kids say on the internet.

Alicesoft announced on August 20 that Dohna Dohna Isshou ni Warui Koto wo Shiyou will be launching on November 27. This is an eroge, a Japanese game with explicit adult content, so it’ll only be launching on PC needless to say.

Dohna Dohna is a brand new original eroge JRPG by Alicesoft, featuring gangs fighting each other for supremacy. The game has pretty interesting RPG mechanics and a turn-based battle system slightly similar to recent popular RPGs such as Darkest Dungeon. Another huge appeal of DoHna DoHna is its really cool character designs and gorgeous 2D animation.

The protagonist of Dohna Dohna is Kuma, the number 2 of Nayuta, the smallest criminal clan in town. Players will need to manage the clan, gather funds, recruit and capture other characters, and fight for supremacy. Your own characters can get captured too if you’re not careful.

We’re talking about clans of the criminal underworld here, who have no qualms about exploiting people and stuff. So one of their main sources of revenue is illegal activity like managing prostitution businesses. The game as such includes a sex industry management component as part of its gameplay. Players can train and strengthen their sex workers with items, check up on their mental health, and  match them with the right clients for maximum efficiency. And again, the protagonist and its clan are all evil people, so they mainly use the women they captured as sex workers, and players can dispose of those who develop psychological traumas and replace them. The game also has Unique Heroines characters, designed by specific character designers, who will bring you much more money than others if you manage to make them work for you, forcefully if you must.

It’s worth mentioning Alicesoft previously mentioned doHna doHna‘s H-scenes are pretty hard to unlock, which in a way makes it even better for those who’re more into ignoring the explicit content. Unlocking the H-scenes mainly goes through offering presents to the characters and raising your friendship levels with them. Alicesoft also confirmed there are no H-scenes with the male characters.

An official website was also opened, with short introduction for all of the game’s factions, characters, and heroines. We included the non-explicit screenshots in the gallery below.

Note that nothing explicit is shown in the reveal trailer, obviously, else it wouldn’t be able to be on YouTube in the first place. With that said, this is still an eroge, so some scenes shown in the trailer are a bit raunchy. Update: the trailer was removed then reuploaded. Precising this just in case some have some wild ideas about youtube censoring it or whatever: Alicesoft itself removed it and reuploaded it to add the finished CG of the restaurant scene.

Super cute keychains are also part of the shop specific preorder bonuses.

The game will also have a limited edition with an R18 dakimakura cover, an OST CD, and a copy of another game, Haru Urare. This is a 2009 Alicesoft game directed by Ittenchiroku, who also directs doHna doHna. Both Haru Urare and doHna doHna similarly include sex industry simulation and management mechanics.

Dohna Dohna Isshou ni Warui Koto wo Shiyou Trailer

DoHna DoHna was first announced in 2017. It’s the biggest, full-fledged RPG from Alicesoft since the finale of the Rance series, Rance X in February 2018. Despite the pandemic, and the switch to work from home by Alicesoft staff, the game’s development kept going at a satisfying pace, and here we are now.

In 2020, Alicesoft is also planning to launch Choukou Taisen Escalation Heroines, a gacha game featuring characters from the Choukou / Beat series such as Escalayer.

Alicesoft recently started localizing games by itself and is handling the English localization of Evenicle 2. A Demo is also out on Steam.

You can read more details on the Alicesoft Official English twitter account.

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