Dominate in Halo 2 Anniversary's Map "Remnant" with a Map Breakdown from 343 Industries

Now that the content update that brings the Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer map “Remnant” to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries has released a map breakdown to help you dominate. Remnant is a remake of the Halo 2 map Relic which was released in the Maptacular Map Pack. The map is best for one sided objective modes, with an offensive and defensive side. While Relic featured a sunset, Remnant brings in stormy skies and lightning.

The Covenant sniper tower is now an actual building but still features the Covenant equivalent of the sniper rifle, the Particle Beam Rifle. It also has more cover, letting snipers last longer at that vantage point. The two way teleporter returns, allowing for quick passage between the main base and beach. There is a speed boost present, which is necessary for getting around the long map size when not in a vehicle. Power weapons present are two sniper rifles near each starting point, with a sword and rocket launcher closer to the middle of the map. The offensive side has a warthog and gungoose, while the defense gets a ghost and gungoose. Regular weapons are four battle rifles, three carbines, a plasma pistol, suppressed SMGs, the shotgun, numerous assault rifles, plasma pistols, needlers, and dual magnums.

Remnant is mostly about holding vantage points, as defending the flag or bomb site is imperative for the win. You’ll want to use vehicles to get around quickly. Remember that players spawn near each other, so be on the lookout for another enemy once you’ve killed his brother at arms.

You can find the video below, and remember to update the Master Chief Collection so you too can play Remnant.

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