Donkey Kong 64 Stream from Hbomberguy Raises Over $340,000 for Trans Youth

YouTuber Hbomberguy streamed Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion to raise money for UK trans support group, with many famous names popping in the stream.

Harry Brewis is probably best known for his YouTube videos as “Hbomberguy,” but now he will be known as the man who endured almost 60 hours of Donkey Kong 64 to raise money for a good cause. With proceeds going to U.K. trans rights group Mermaids, Hbomberguy raised well over $335,000 during a Twitch stream that had a revolving door of game developers, celebrities, and other prominent figures.

The stream has several points of origin, one being that Hbomberguy in his childhood had never completed the 1999 game from Rare—this stream was an attempt for a full 101% percent run. Hbomberguy chose the charity of Mermaids, a charity to support transgender youth, essentially as a response to anti-trans campaigns and rhetoric from certain figures in the U.K., primarily comedy writer Graham Linehan, co-creator of The IT Crowd.

Linehan questioned funds that were allocated to Mermaids from the National Lottery, while Linehan himself was under scrutiny for frequent anti-trans comments on Twitter. Those who promoted or donated to the cause often attached an ironic “#ThanksGraham” hashtag on the social media site. But what started off as fun spite eventually became something more wholesome, educational, and frankly unpredictable, with several familiar people showing up via Discord calls.

“Everyone is Here” might as well have also been the tagline for what began as a “Nightmare Stream” for Hbomberguy. Guests who called in and declared their support for trans rights included Doom co-creator John Romero, Fallout: New Vegas director Josh Sawyer, Night in the Woods creator Scott Benson, Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything, transgender musician Nat Puff, activist Chelsea Manning, YouTubers like as ContraPoints and Riley J. Dennis, and even the infamous erotica author known as Chuck Tingle?

To top it all off, freshman U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an appearance on the stream, declaring not only her support for trans rights but declaring that the Nintendo 64 is “the best system”—this has come into contention internally amongst the DualShockers staff.

All in all, Hbomberguy raised over $340,000 for Mermaids (the figure kept growing at the time of this writing), with the official playtime being 57:48:32.77—the stream ended shortly after, around 3:00 am EST early Monday morning.

The stream itself was full of gameplay-related frustration (Donkey Kong 64 is a strange game, it turns out), so this certainly wasn’t a Twin Galaxies-worthy world record. The cavalcade of support for this stream, however, will make it a special moment in time. Just prepare yourself if and when less young and less-hip politicians try to join in on the game stream craze.

Hbomberguy’s announcement video for the stream is below, to provide context.

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