Don’t Choose Between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Holiday; You Should Buy Both

Don’t Choose Between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Holiday; You Should Buy Both

Oh, the joys of being an early adopter.

Last November when I plunked down 600 bucks on a PlayStation 4 and three launch games I knew exactly what I was doing. I bought into potential. I purchased, what I thought, was the best fit (for me) of the two new consoles at that point. As the GameStop employee swiped my debit card, he solidified me as an early adopter and I knowingly welcomed all of the joys that came with it. I — as well as millions of others —  spent that money knowing well that there was a better deal or value just around the corner. I’m such a consumer.

Fast forward to this year and the picture is looking amazing for those who had the willpower to hold off on making their next-gen purchases. With Microsoft announcing new promotional pricing for the Xbox One this holiday, they have unofficially kicked off a price war, which is great for shoppers. Sony has also displayed its share of competitive bundles that include packed-in games as well as subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and the “Instant Game Collection” that comes with it.

So now that the pendulum of value is swinging in the direction of consumers, what should you — the person who was strong enough to wait — buy this holiday?

Honestly, if you’ve waited this long and you were comfortable with the price as it was, I’d bet you were probably just waiting for more games, more reasons to take the plunge. And if you are one of those buyers, you should really choose… both.


To put things in perspective, if you purchased both consoles last year at launch with one game each and couple of months of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live, you were going to spend somewhere in the range of $1,100 before taxes. Fast forward to this November, and you’ll be able to grab both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a packed in game as well as some kind of online subscription trial for $750.

You should also keep in mind that the price may very well go even lower as Sony has yet to announce any plans to counter the newly announced promotional Xbox One pricing. And considering they’ve been running on all cylinders this generation, I highly doubt that Sony will just sit still on the sidelines as Microsoft entices shoppers to the green side of the fence.

Yes, $750 can initially seem like a bit much at once, but keep in mind that you’re putting yourself in prime position to what will undoubtedly be an exciting 2015 for both platforms. And, what the hell, with the money you saved you can even get in on the Wii U as it’s really just starting to gain momentum from Nintendo’s heavy hitter exclusives.


This holiday you can go into a store and dig your console flag in the sand proudly with whatever “side” you choose to spend your money on. I wouldn’t fault you for it, considering it’s exactly what I did last year. But that was then, and now both consoles have titles to get genuinely excited for.

Why only play Driveclub, when you can also see how the Forza side lives? Why only have over-the-top fun in Sunset Overdrive while your friends are loving the gameplay in Bloodborne?  Uncharted 4 will no doubt be gorgeous, but that shouldn’t stop you from also enjoying a new Remedy IP like Quantum Break, especially at the right price.

Instead of choosing between the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One this holiday, simply choose “games” and buy both. In 2015, your investment will pay off, and you can spend less time angrily solidifying your purchase in video game site message boards and comment sections and more time enjoying the hobby that brought you here in the first place.