Don't Drop Out of "For Fun" Matches, Glitch is Causing Super Smash Bros. 3DS Players to Be Banned for 136-Years

No one likes when people don’t play by the rules but what happens when bans are being issued on those who are unjustly sentenced.

It appears that fans who play Super Smash Bros. for 3DS online are receiving a 136-year ban. This attention grabbing ban occurs when players repeatedly drop out of 4-player “For Fun” matches. These bans are also being issued for those who harass and target other players.

As reported by Reddit User, McMichael shared the image below after being banned  

An outlined for the Code of Conduct policy for Super Smash Bros. consist of players doing the following:

Potential 136-Year Ban:

  • players who start a match and fail to play
  • relentless targeting of an individual
  • players who repeatedly self-destruct
  • players who frequently drop out
  • players who cheat
  • players who falsely report others

In response to the ban, Reddit user Seakladoom put together a FAQ to help players avoid the annoying glitch.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly.

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