Don’t Expect To See the Sons of Anarchy Game Anytime Soon

on August 12, 2012 5:24 PM

It seems like these days every popular TV show is trying to make a game to capitalize on their fan’s enthusiasm. Some like the Walking Dead game have met with success, while others like the Game of Thrones titles have bombed. Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter wanted to be one of the success stories. He pushed the game from a cheap browser-based title to a real project destined for release on a current or next-gen console. Based on his Twitter though, the game has hit a major roadblock with its unnamed publisher.

getting NO TRACTION on the SOA game. looks like our big publisher blew us off. not a priority at FX. i doubt it will happen.

He certainly seems upset, and continued with a short rant on Twitter. Its sad to see that a TV show based game with a creator that cares is getting canned, but I suppose it’s because of the costs involved. It’s much cheaper to make cookie cutter browser games with a few references to the IPs they are promoting. Hopefully Sutter will keep fighting, but for now it seems like the Sons of Anarchy game is dead in the water.

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