Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel! Rockstar is Holding a Special Social Club Vespucci Beach Party This Weekend in Grand Theft Auto Online

on November 22, 2013 11:48 PM

With the release of the newly Beach Bum Pack, all weekend long (November 22nd through November 24th), Rockstar Games will be hitting the beaches of Vespucci, Chumash and Paleto Bay for their very first Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event.

There are a lot of extra goodies to be had for participation. All that you need to do is dive into a Social Club Event Playlist, featuring the new jobs from the latest pack. Play Sea races, parachuting, Team Deathmatch, plus others. The best performers in this special Social Club Event Playlist will receive a special vanity license plate reward.

Free Roam players, there is even a little something something for you for participating. There will be Event Crate Drops all weekend long that will contain more than double the normal amount of RP, plus weapons, cash bonuses and clothing for your online character.

This special GTA Online Social Club Event features exclusive sweepstakes giveaways of “beach-ready” collectables such as a Grand Theft Auto V Logo Beach Towel and a Los Santos Lifeguard T-shirt to given out as Grand Prizes to 5 lucky winners. Ten Social Club members will also receive some GTA V prize packs that include stickers, T-shirts and more. Enter to win on the Rockstar’s Social Club’s Event Page by following the provided link.

Here’s a list of some of the events that will be taking place this weekend only:

  • Parachute (View of Vespucci): a steep 2980 foot descent.
  • Bike Race (Up the Creek): Racing along Cassidy Creek all the way to Alamo Sea.
  • Sea Race (Water Rings): Race around the islands North of Paleto Bay
  • Team Deathmatch (Vespucci Beachfront): Kill on the beach
  • Race (Grass Route II): off-road racing on the North bank of Zancudo River through the wetlands and finishing in North Chumash.
  • Bike Race (Sundae Driving): Motorbike race on Vespucci Beach.
  • Team Deathmatch (Procopio Beach): a TDM event along the shoreline of Procopio Beach, at the foot of Mt. Gordo.
  • Sea Race (Gone Coastal): Starts you off in the Los Santos River and takes you through the Palomino Highlands.
  • Race (Turn the Tide): Off-road race across Procopio Beach and the North coast and down through Paleto Bay State Beach to Paleto Cove.
  • Parachuting (The Cove): Free fall 7500 feet towards Paleto Cove by Mt. Chiliad.

Rockstar has reserved a total of 20 special license plates to be awarded for top performers in the Event Playlist leaderboard for each of the jobs across both PS3 and Xbox 360 and they include the following:

  • VESPUCCI (360), AMPED UP (PS3)
    View of Vespucci – player with the max score who made the quickest descent
  • SURFS UP (360), UP CREEK (PS3)
    Up the Creek – player with the best overall time
  • SEAMAN (360), POINTBRK (PS3)
    Water Rings – player with the best single lap time
    Vespucci Beachfront – player with the most kills
  • SUP BRO (360), SUP BRA (PS3)
    Grass Route II – player with the best overall time
    Sundae Driving – player with the best single lap time
  • WIPEOUT (360), SURFSUP (PS3)
    Procopio Beach – player with the best KDR
    Gone Coastal – player with the best overall time
    Turn the Tide – player with the best overall time
    The Cove – player with the max score who made the quickest descent
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