Don’t Fret, PSPGo Owners, NIS America Is Bringing You Games

Don’t Fret, PSPGo Owners, NIS America Is Bringing You Games

Now, one questions that continuously makes its way into speculators of the PSPgo is, “How the hell am I supposed to play UMD games?” We know exactly how you feel. Thank the heavens, though, that super nice publishers are already working on making previously UMD-only PSP games available for download from the US PlayStation Store. We’re not too sure how many of these companies will be participating in this fiasco, but, rest assured, one company has already started with their “porting.”

NIS American, the publishers responsible for the witty and humorous series Disgaea, has begun work on bringing you PSPgo owners UMD-based games to download from the PlayStation Store today with the launch of the PSPgo. Woot, woot? Yes, yes. Woot, woot!

For a period of one week, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Mana Khemia: Student Alliance, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light, Dragoneer’s Aria, and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! will be available at 50% off their normal costs — a welcome offer, given that many digital titles on the store are quite pricey, mimicking that of their retail UMD counterparts.

Along with the kind discount and the list of downloadable games, NIS is also asking visitors to the PlayStation Blog whether they are interested in the UMD release of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! through a poll to which folks are obviously giving “no’s” and “yes’s” to – both answers to which are fairly close in votes.

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