Don’t Knock Twice Release Date Announced; New Trailer Released

Don’t Knock Twice Release Date Announced; New Trailer Released

Today independent developer Wales Interactive announced that its upcoming movie tie-in horror game Don’t Knock Twice will be available on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Xbox One on September 5th, 2017.

Players who purchase Don’t Knock Twice on the former three platforms will receive two versions of the title: one that utilizes your VR device, and one that does not. The game is set to cost $19.99 on those platforms. Since the Xbox One currently does not support VR devices, you’ll only receive the non-VR edition, which will be available for $14.99.

In addition to that, pre-orders for the game on Steam and Xbox One are now live, and if you choose to take advantage of them, you’ll receive a 20% discount, bringing the price down to $16 and $12 respectively. Pre-orders for PlayStation VR version are not live yet, and its unknown whether or not this version will see the same discount.

Finally, a brand new trailer, as well as some screenshots, were also released. You can check them out at the end of the article.

Don’t Knock Twice is a first-person horror game based on the upcoming movie of the same name. In it, you’ll play as a mother trying to save her daughter from an evil witch. While the game is only two to three hours long, you’ll also have the ability to find collectibles scattered around the world if you’re brave enough.