Don’t Miss Out On Trainz History With The 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

on March 19, 2011 7:00 PM

Don't Miss Out On Trainz History With The 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition

All you Trainz fans had better be paying attention to this. The brand-new Trainz Simulator 12, filled to the brim with sexy new features, is now getting a 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition on par with the big Modern Warfare 2 bundle. It’s gonna have a limited-run metal case (autographed by the staff at Auran), a numbered Collector’s Edition certificate, a poster, enhanced access to the game’s DLC, a ridiculously huge manual, a keyboard shortcut chart, a copy of Trainz Simulator 12, and a chance at the insane Golden Ticket promotion. Each of the ten winners will get every single Trainz product for the next five years completely free, a custom virtual driver as part of a Trainz game, and more. You are not ready for how insanely kick-ass this edition is. I can’t express how pumped I am for Trainz Simulator 12. Gonna be awesome.

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