Don’t Play Dance Central Naked, or Else

Don’t Play Dance Central Naked, or Else


Now, I need someone to explain this to me. Why would anyone ever get undressed in front of an object with three camera lenses built into it? Why would you do so when playing a dance game? Whatever the reason, one sad fellow decided to do so, and now he’s stuck with those pictures. While both Dance Central and Kinect Adventures come with options to turn off the picture taking feature, they can get kind of annoying to find for the less knowledgeable. Take it from stewpaddasso:


I was trying out the Kinect Dance Central game and I was getting hot so I took off my clothee. I had no idea that the game was going to take A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF ME WHILE DANCING WITH NO CLOTHES ON!!! I can go back and look at these pictures but HOW DO I DELETE THEM?!!! HELP!!!!

Thankfully, Stew found out how to delete these pictures before a friend came over to his house and browsed through his pictures. Let this be a lesson, keep the clothes on while you play Kinect games. Remember, the all seeing eye at Microsoft watches all!