Don’t Starve Developer Hopes to Release it on Playstation Vita & iOS. DLC Forthcoming

on January 20, 2014 4:03 PM

After being released for the Playstation 4, indie game Don’t Starve has surpassed the one million players mark. With this success, developer Klei hopes to bring it to the Playstation Vita and iOS.

The game has already done very well on the PC but it has now been open to a new audience thanks to it being for free on Playstation Plus. According to Klei, a lot of people who play the Playstation 4 version of the game do so by remote play. Since so many gamers like to play the Console Edition of the game on Sony’s handheld, the studio is looking into making “a proper Vita release”. iOS and mobile editions are also being looked at but currently aren’t a high priority.

The upcoming DLC called “Reign of Giants” is one that Klei hopes will bolster sales of Don’t Starve even further. After this DLC is released we shouldn’t expect any sequels to Don’t Starve since the developer likes to create new games with new gameplay elements. Klei’s upcoming game will be an isometric, turn based title called Invisible Inc.


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