Klei Entertainment Announces Don’t Starve Together: The Gorge Event

Klei Entertainment Announces Don’t Starve Together: The Gorge Event

Beginning next week, players will need to work together during Don't Starve Together: The Gorge's event to placate the hunger of the Eternal Gnaw.

This week, Klei Entertainment released a trailer for Don’t Starve Together: The Gorge, a free in-game limited time 3-player co-op challenge that will start in beta early next week. The goal of the event is to utilize all of the cooks in the kitchen to put food on the Altar of Gnaw in order to survive. Players will get new skins, emotes, items, and more when they participate in the event.

After barely making it through the Molten Gateway, Wilson and the other survivors find themselves in the ruins of a sickly city controlled by a ravenous beast. They must work together to cook fine dishes to placate the Eternal Gnaw’s hunger in order to avoid the curse of its terrible plague. If the food is good enough, they may even get to go home.


You can check out the event trailer below. Don’t Starve is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One (available via Amazon). Don’t Starve Together: The Gorge’s co-op challenge event will run from June 14th through July 9th, and it looks like it will start first for PC, as the event’s forum states that console dates will be announced closer to its launch.

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