Don’t Worry, this Mini-documentary on Limited Run Games Won’t Sell Out

Don’t Worry, this Mini-documentary on Limited Run Games Won’t Sell Out

The most well known purveyor of physical copies of digital only games, Limited Run Games, has grown substantially since their inception last year. Many of their prints of thousands of copies of a single title will sell out in less than 24 hours if not faster. I’m a fan myself owning a few of their projects such as Saturday Morning RPG and Shadow Complex Remastered. So the fact that a YouTube documentary channel called My Life in Gaming recently produced a 30 minute showcase on the company definitely caught my eye.

The Limited Run mini-doc is framed nicely as the team goes through a chronological journey with the founders of physical publishing house, Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart.

We see Josh start his indie studio Mighty Rabbit Games and then start Limited Run as a way to save the once successful developing company. His childhood friend Douglas joins him at this point as the two put together an impressive list of clients.

Without giving too much away, the doc goes through all the different releases of Limited Run and the numbers behind each print. Some interest side topics come up such as why Josh and Douglas only currently work on Sony platforms, why not all physical copies of games need an ESRB rating on them, and how LRG has probably become the largest publisher for the ‘doomed’ PS Vita.

It’s always interesting to find out more about the people and practices of unique companies like Limited Run Games and it’s awesome that groups like My Life in Gaming are passionate enough to showcase these more niche aspects of the gaming community.