Dontnod Entertainment Discusses Possibility of Life is Strange 3

Life is Strange 2's Dontnod Entertainment says a third numbered entry in the series is possible, but with a new story and characters.

In an interview with GameSpot, Dontnod Entertainment discusses the possibility of Life is Strange 3.

When asked if a numbered installment would feature a new story and characters, Dontnod’s Jean-Luc Cano and Michel Koch said it’d probably have a new story. “That’s what I think we would personally like to do, of course Life is Strange is owned by Square-Enix so it’s a Square-Enix decision,” says Koch, Life is Strange 2‘s co-creative director.

Cano and Koch also say they did a lot of research when it came to writing dialouge for Sean and Daniel, the two main characters in Life is Strange 2. They considered writing Life is Strange 2 a bigger challenge then the original game since they didn’t have pop culture references to add. Instead, they focused more on research and talking to people to represent their stories.

In addition to the amount of research that went into Life is Strange 2, Dontnod says they’re interested in bringing the franchise to Nintendo Switch. That being said, they mention it’s up to Square-Enix to make that decision.

“So, when we started to work on the game almost four years ago, we always started by thinking about the big story,” says Koch. “Like the big story beats and structure, and what will happen to the brothers over the course of the five episodes was written almost right in the beginning. But of course, when we work directly on the game there are a lot of different reasons why we might need to adjust. There is of course production issues where sometimes we might reduce the length of an episode because of costs and becuase maybe it was too long in the way we were envisioning it. We can also look at player feedback when an episode is released and see what worked best, what didn’t work as well. I don’t think that we changed much from that feedback during season 2 but definetly, it adjusts how we write or how we create some smaller choices.”

All five episodes of Life is Strange 2 are available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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