Dontnod Entertainment Mentions Remember Me Sequel is “Ready to Be Made,” Decision Rests with Capcom

Dontnod Entertainment Mentions Remember Me Sequel is “Ready to Be Made,” Decision Rests with Capcom

Released back in 2013 on last-gen consoles, Remember Me was launched with mixed reviews but a passionate following with ardent fans – speaking more on the matter, developer Dontnod Entertainment has detailed that the studio is interested in pursuing a sequel, but only time may tell if it will happen.

Speaking in an interview with Siliconera at this past weekend’s PAX East 2015, Dontnod Entertainment creative director Jean-Maxime Moris spoke more on the status of its previous title Remember Me and continuing it into a franchise, while the studio was showing its latest episode of Life is Strange at the event.

In the interview, Moris spoke more on the studio’s interest in developing a sequel to the original Remember Me, though at this time the decision rests primarily on Capcom to make the call. Moris detailed:

“We know what we would do for Remember Me 2. The main story has been written we know what we would add to the recipe. We know what we would fix. It’s a game that’s ready to be made, but that decision is Capcom’s to make.”

“But, right now our focus is [Life is Strange]. I really hope we will be able to work on more Life is Strange [beyond the five episodes]. We need to capitalize on what we have done. It is a balance of trying different things and capitalizing on what we know. For Season 2 we started bouncing ideas off each other. Obviously we need to see and Square Enix needs to see how the first season does to really decide whether we kick it off or not. So, it’s not in the works, but we have started the very early stages of conception at Dontnod.”

Remember Me released in summer 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC – Dontnod Entertainment is currently developing and releasing Life is Strange, a five-part episodic series that will release its second episode later this month.