Donut County is Coming to Switch and Xbox One This Month

Donut County is Coming to Switch and Xbox One This Month

After a release on PS4, PC, and mobile platforms, the quirky game from Ben Esposito is finally coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Ben Esposito’s Donut County seems to have charmed everyone who played it on PS4, mobile, and PC, and now owners of other consoles will be able to enjoy it quite soon. Annapurna Interactive confirmed that the story-driven physics puzzle game will come to Xbox One during The Game Awards, but the company also confirmed a release on Nintendo Switch.

For the unconverted, Donut County has players control a mysterious hole in the ground, moving it around as it consumes anything unlucky enough to be beneath it. Featuring a colorful cast of fun characters, the story also contains themes of gentrification. To me, it seems like an unexpected marriage of Katamari Damacy and Night in the Woods.

The release comes during an excellent time where we all seem to be catching up with 2018 games in time for our usual game of the year discussions. While I do own all three platforms, Donut County seemed to be one particular game that fits perfectly with the Switch’s portability and touchscreen—and as I am a stubborn one, I adamantly refused to play the game until it came to the Switch.

Yes, I realize that I am unreasonable and part of the problem.

In case you missed the game as I did, you can check out our site’s review of Donut County through this link. The game will release on Xbox One as part of Xbox’s Winter of Arcade and on Nintendo Switch on December 18 for $12.99.