DOOM 64 Comes to Nintendo Switch November 22

DOOM 64 Comes to Nintendo Switch November 22

DOOM 64 gets a surprise announcement at today's Nintendo Direct. The N64 game will get a remastered release this November.

Bethesda took to today’s Nintendo Direct stage to announce that one of their “favoriteDOOM games is coming to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo 64’s DOOM 64 is being remastered and released. This gives Switch owners the ability to play every DOOM game both at home and on the go. Bethesda’s Pete Hines gave us a new trailer to show off what the game looks like on the Switch. Give it a watch below.

DOOM 64 on Nintendo Switch will give players a chance to play through remastered versions of over 30 “action-packed levels”. DOOM 64 was originally developed by Midway Games’ San Diego studio with id supervising. At the time, many felt that the game looked great and had imaginative level design. On the other hand, DOOM 64 drew criticism for not really doing much to push the series forward. Instead, many saw it as more of the same, which hurt its reputation among DOOM fans.

All that said, having DOOM 64 on modern consoles is awesome. The game will launch along with DOOM Eternal this November, which means players will have plenty of DOOM related content. In fact, it would not be surprising to see tons of hardcore DOOM fans play through the entire franchise once these two games release. Being able to see DOOM Guy’s entire journey where ever you want sounds like a great time.

DOOM 64 will release for Nintendo Switch on November 22. Make sure you pick it and DOOM Eternal up if you have a big trip planned and want to shoot a ton of demons.